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At wifi.com, we think connecting to wifi hotspots should be easy, secure
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The wifi.com network compiles open, secure, and commercial wireless Internet networks to offer users the greatest choice of available wifi hotspots for easy, free, and secure wifi access. The success of wifi.com is founded on our wifi network community. Join wifi.com and help create the world's largest network of free wireless Internet hotspots.

Wifi.com is implementing the same secure solution employed by Fortune 500 companies, banks and leading online merchants to protect your secure wireless Internet communications. By encrypting user communications, wifi.com users are rest assured their information is secure from prying eyes and hackers.

Let wifi.com do the heavy lifting of finding the best wifi hotspot. Whether you are on a Windows PC or Symbian-based phone, the wifi.com wireless Internet connection manager will help you easily and seamlessly connect to the best wifi hotspot. Wifi.com takes the guesswork out of finding and connecting to secure and free wifi hotspots whenever possible.

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